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We provide our clients with a full service of customs clearance using electronic
 systems such as 

Scope of Export services

When exporting goods outside the European Union, companies are obliged to carry out a customs clearance. Before check-in, it is necessary to file a declaration of goods.

This is a system which allows the exchange of an export declaration and the exchange of information in electronic form between customs offices within the European Union itself.

Customs clearance for the export of goods consists of document checking and the goods carried. Any goods which are exported outside the European Union must be declared to the Customs Office. Export clearance of the goods must be in written form (SAD) or using electronic data processing (ECS).

The result of customs clearance is an official proof of exportation (IE599). This document is necessary for the application of the 0% VAT rate on the products sold. There are no customs duties or other tax duties in the process for exporting goods outside the EU.

Export services – how we can help You?

We provide comprehensive check-in for shipments carried by road, rail, postal, sea and air transport
in all customs procedures, including:

  • Preparation and sending of electronic customs declarations to ECS systems (export procedures), NCTS (transit)
  • Assistance in customs control operations – customs inspection, sampling
  • Producing certified printouts of IE599 messages (confirmation of exit from the EU – in export procedures)
  • Verification of certificates of origin (movement certificate EUR.1, ATR, Form A, certificate of origin /certificate of origin/)
  • Completing the TIR carnet
  • Completing the CMR international road waybill
  • Accurate completion of customs postal declarations CN22 and CN23
  • Submitting security against customs debts on the goods in the transit procedure with T1 and T2 documents

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Import services

Goods imported from the territory of a third country acquire the customs status of the Union goods when admitted to EU trading. The customs declaration of importation shall be made either electronically or in writing using the form- Single Administrative Document (SAD).

The electronic customs declaration for the import of goods which is accepted and verified by the customs authority is named as the Certified Customs Declaration in the CELINA system. This is a document created to release goods into the customs process.

The customs authority authorise the imported goods to be placed on the market only after the payment of customs and tax duties, which are calculated on the basis of a customs declaration.

Import  – how can we help You?

IMPORT into Poland of goods from countries outside of the European Union engenders an obligation to carry out
 customs clearance consisting of: p
reparation of a customs declaration, attaching the necessary documentation
 and p
ayment of customs and tax duties on the imports of goods. 

We provide comprehensive check-in for all shipments carried by road, rail, postal, 
sea and air transport in all customs procedures. 

  • Preparation and sending of electronic customs declarations to CELINA systems (import procedures),
  • Assistance in customs control operations – customs inspection, sampling,
  • Preparing certified printouts of POD and PZC messages (notification of customs debt and certificate of customs declaration – for import procedures) and storing them electronically,
  • Calculation of the customs debt incumbered on the goods,
  • Submission of the assets securities for the customs debt imposed on the goods in transport procedures

Other services

  • Registration of the company in customs systems
  • Updating data in customs systems
  • EORI registration – You need an Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI number) if you move goods. If you’re based in the UK you must get an EORI number that starts with GB. If your business will be making certain declarations or getting a customs decision in the EU you may need an EORI number from an EU country.
  • Assistance in the classification of goods which is essential before going ahead with an import of goods. This outlines the amount of the duty and clarifies the issue of goods origin (EUR.1, EUR-MED, A.TR, Form A, Certificate of Origin, supplier’s declaration, invoice declaration, declaration by an approved exporter), indicating the possibilities and conditions for applying preferences, both for import and for the appropriate documentation of goods sold for export in order to obtain preferences from your counterparty
  • Preparation of applications – EORI, PDR, authorised exporter, export VAT recovery, economic procedures, simplified procedures, other customs purposes
  • Preparing other customs applications, depending on the customer’s needs, INCOTERMS (International Commercial Terms) – explanation of the rules governing the conditions of purchase and sale in international trade.
  • Training for employees responsible for trading goods from abroad (Customs, Accounting, Purchasing)

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