Brexit import / export

Our agency, in cooperation with UK partner Dauman Logistics Ltd, provide assistance in both Poland and the UK in all matters related to the import, export and transit of goods to and from and throughout the UK. Our advantage is our breadth of experience, sound knowledge of the current Brexit-related regulations and swift actions and the added value of our staff being bilingual in Polish and English. 

Our staff in Poland are able to communicate well in English and our staff in the UK will provide guidance for Polish trades and drivers in their native language.

Only Experts

Office in Warsaw and London

Consulting and Executive Service

Our offer includes:

  • Logistics and transport services – we will organize transport, cargo insurance, warehousing and other activities in all modes of transportation.
  • Assistance in the preparation of the documents essential for imports and exports, customs clearance (e.g. provision of the required certificates and certificates, completion of the TIR carnet, completion of the CMR international road waybill, CN22 postal customs declarations and CN23).
  • Assistance in correctly documenting the origin of goods on export (application of rules of origin of goods, verification of certificates of origin).
  • Customs clearance (import and export).
  • Goods security for customs debts in import and transit.
  • Intrastat support.
  • Services of a tax representative – A trader established in the United Kingdom is required to appoint a tax representative to perform VAT accounting duties in Poland if he is required to register as an active VAT subject and does not trade permanently in the EU.

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